Monday, 16 January 2012

Absu, Portal, Ruins

It’s hard to blame anyone for not wanting to arrive at  Conjuration Festival early. With the opening line up of A.M.D.B.L’s uninspiring unconventional grind, Encircling Sea medocre sludge and run of the mill black metal band Ruins, makes the start of  Conjuration fest  passable. With the last two bands being the highlights of the bill, this night begins with Portal. With a stage presence like no other, the Curator dressed like a phantom spat out of a black hole along with his fellow headsmen hypnotize the crowd with their brand of haunting complex death metal. Evoking an abysmal atmosphere through a pristine sound and along with fret board wizardry that would make your eyes bleed,Portal is a mesmerizing experience. Reciting their incantations for the first time in Melbourne, Absu nails their set with deadly precision. The Proscriptor sounding like a pissed off goblin after being cut off from the local pub in Moria introduces tracks amongst there diverse set list spanning over their twenty year career, including Highland Tyrant Attack, Manannan and Swords and Leather. With the chant of “ABSU” from the packed East Brunswick Club the Texas veterans return for an electrifying encore of Never Blow out the Eastern Candle. Though definitely being worth the $40 price tag, the bill could use improving as it was like putting wolves and cats in the same cage.

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