Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Eskhaton - Nihilgoety

For those who prefer their death metal dark and malevolent, Australian trio Eskhaton debut album Nihilgoety will be a favorite of 2011. Nihilgoety compositions are unconventional, complex and chaotic leaving the listener in complete disarray. The atmosphere created is absolutely suffocating and relentless, as each song destructively collides together. The drumming is utterly pulverizing, the guitar riffs are violently twisted and the vocals are bellowing and brutal.

Intro is a disturbingly spaced out, ambient piece that thunderously erupts into the roar of the drums and guitar. This is merely the calm before the storm as the listener embarks on a fifty minute journey into the malevolent mind of Eskhaton. The ferocious Transcendental Interstice savagely tears away at you, just as Poltergeist Possession and Exoverse Assassin are both unrelenting, with pummeling drumming and furious riffing. The only time the Nihilgoety is merciful is during the Antimission where you lulled into a foreboding interlude before the crushing onslaught resumes. The punishing track, Nihilgoety, adds some unsettling Samarian chanting over their monstrous sound, heightening the atmosphere. Finally what is left of your sanity is destroyed with the monolithic Megaloport and Blackoutro both clocking in around seven minutes each.

Nihigoety is an album that should be listened in it’s entirely to appreciate and experience the suffocating atmosphere. This is a must have for fans of Ignivomous, Portal and Mitochondrion or devotees of dark malevolent death metal.


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Machetazo - Desolacion Mental

After the devastating 2008 release Munda Cripta, Spanish death grinding duo Machetazo have finally released a new 7’, Desolacion Mental. Desolacion Mental offers 3 original vile tracks that will have fans licking there lips and clawing for more. On the side Cara A the listener is given Unete al Muerto and Más Allá Del Hueso Y La Carne, two bludgeoning tracks of dirty old school deathgrind. While on the side Cara B there is a surprising change of pace with the hauntingly sludgy Desolacion Mental, which is reminiscent of Corrupted. Unfortunately this 9 minute 7’ of sickening death grind will not satisfy the hunger of Machetzo fans but instead keep them salivating for more.


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bones - Bones

Hailing from Chicago Bones is three piece band that playing crust laden death metal as if Master, Motorhead and Discharge got into a drunken fistfight. While originality is not strong point it is quite obvious that Bones does not care to be such an entity. If the listed influences did not give it away Bones pay dues to the old school.

The guitars tone has that crusty crunch to it that will most likely remind of the late eighties death, thrash, puck scene. The riffs in general are very straightforward and don’t linger on technicality instead carry with them aggressive d beat attitude. This is accompanied by some meaty bass work that really drives the sheer heaviness of the crusty sound and works in hand with the powerful drumming. Surprisingly the skin bashing is rather engaging compared to how simple the music flows and nerveless a relentless affair. Savage vocals are barked with raw heinous conviction and production is perfect,  all instruments can be heard while maintaining that unpolished sound and menacing personality. Bones grips you by the throat from the beginning with the furious Motorhead esque March of the Dead followed by the blistering frenzy that is Bloodlust, ensuring that heads will be rattling.  Tribute is made to Chicago legends Devastation with a battering cover of Apocalyptic Warrior. Some tracks move at slower pace like the Good Die Young, and the insanely catchy 666 but are none the less abusive then their rapid counterparts.

The songwriting is primitive and works well at creating memorable songs, unfortunately though at the time this comes across tad repetitive. Compositions become very predictive and follow the same simple structures. But when listening to a band that pays respect to sounds of the extreme scene of the late eighties I guess such variety is not required. So if innovation is not what you’re after then Bones should gratify your filthy old school needs.



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