Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Machetazo - Desolacion Mental

After the devastating 2008 release Munda Cripta, Spanish death grinding duo Machetazo have finally released a new 7’, Desolacion Mental. Desolacion Mental offers 3 original vile tracks that will have fans licking there lips and clawing for more. On the side Cara A the listener is given Unete al Muerto and Más Allá Del Hueso Y La Carne, two bludgeoning tracks of dirty old school deathgrind. While on the side Cara B there is a surprising change of pace with the hauntingly sludgy Desolacion Mental, which is reminiscent of Corrupted. Unfortunately this 9 minute 7’ of sickening death grind will not satisfy the hunger of Machetzo fans but instead keep them salivating for more.


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