Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Eskhaton - Nihilgoety

For those who prefer their death metal dark and malevolent, Australian trio Eskhaton debut album Nihilgoety will be a favorite of 2011. Nihilgoety compositions are unconventional, complex and chaotic leaving the listener in complete disarray. The atmosphere created is absolutely suffocating and relentless, as each song destructively collides together. The drumming is utterly pulverizing, the guitar riffs are violently twisted and the vocals are bellowing and brutal.

Intro is a disturbingly spaced out, ambient piece that thunderously erupts into the roar of the drums and guitar. This is merely the calm before the storm as the listener embarks on a fifty minute journey into the malevolent mind of Eskhaton. The ferocious Transcendental Interstice savagely tears away at you, just as Poltergeist Possession and Exoverse Assassin are both unrelenting, with pummeling drumming and furious riffing. The only time the Nihilgoety is merciful is during the Antimission where you lulled into a foreboding interlude before the crushing onslaught resumes. The punishing track, Nihilgoety, adds some unsettling Samarian chanting over their monstrous sound, heightening the atmosphere. Finally what is left of your sanity is destroyed with the monolithic Megaloport and Blackoutro both clocking in around seven minutes each.

Nihigoety is an album that should be listened in it’s entirely to appreciate and experience the suffocating atmosphere. This is a must have for fans of Ignivomous, Portal and Mitochondrion or devotees of dark malevolent death metal.


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