Monday, 13 February 2012

Black Jesus - Black Jesus Saves

Void of technicality and pristine production, Black Jesus Saves is a procreation of stripped down straightforward death metal. Sure nothing new is  brought to the table, but Black Jesus is just too much fun to deny.

Churning out eight songs in nineteen minutes, Black Jesus is simple and to point. Mostly following rock n’ roll formulas, they don’t bombard you with thousands of riffs and instead have your head rolling across the floor with a handfull of dirty killer old school ones. Actually everything on Black Jesus Saves screams old school death metal. Vocals comparable to Chris Reifert, production sounding like it was recorded within a few hours inside the drummer’s garage and straightforward song writing. Just as the vocals akin to Autopsy so are some of melodies, which waltz around as a bloodthirsty killer hiding in the shadows. With songs only lasting one to two minutes, grind influences of early Napalm Death anf Repulsion prominent in mix, especially in tightness of the drumming as it doesn’t draw that dripping sloppiness death metal vibe.

Sure there is not much originality to Black Jesus, but that doesn’t mean they don’t pay homage flawlessly to the early death metal scene, which more then I can say about half the bands that blatantly do a horrible job of this. So prepare your neck  because its gonna sore by the end of Black Jesus's assault.


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