Monday, 26 March 2012

Ignivomous, Embodied, Inverloch, Starfaust

Two weeks since Denouncement Pyre devastated the Bendigo Hotel with their first live performance in five years; this small venue was to face another night of absolute mayhem.  With dismay Starfaust which contains ex-members of Ignivomous and Roskorp had cancelled, fortunately Black Jesus (a more then worthy replacement) was called in. Unfortunately traffic is not always one ones side, and I completely missed Black Jesus’s set and arrived only in time for Inverloch. 

For those not sure, Inverloch contains two members of Disembowelment who reunited under a full line up  titled D.usk and started playing live shows covering Transcendence into the Peripheral,  only recently taking a new form. A ghostly mist shrouds the stage and the packed crowd are hypnotized as Inverloch emits their aura of death doom which is similar to Disembowelment (believe it or not). Though not having the same spellbinding effect as D.usk is merely due to  many not having digested the upcoming EP Dusk/Subside, but this showcase will have plenty drooling for its release. Being on a stage with some finest death metal Melbourne has to offer, Embodied feel outplace on the bill. Sure they play death metal but are any good… no. Following the Cannibal Corpse textbook, their brutal American styling made the beer garden the bests place for their set.

Having been disappointed with last time I saw Ignivomous a year ago due to muddled sound which felt like rolling down a rocky hill in a trash can, this time things were very different. Armed with two axmen, Ignivomous crushingly kicked off with Death Transmutation. A set scattered with tracks from the upcoming full length Contragenesis, I have say hearing them them for the fist time they were  impressive , even though Nuclear War Now did have the album streaming, I’d  rather wait and enjoy it full force on vinyl. With a minor mosh pit or should I say beer pit due to the ridiculous amount spilled onto the wooden floorboards, Ignivomous pummeled between their first full length and Contragenesis and also included the oldie but goodie Path of Attrition. The crowd did start to thin during the set, though this did not stop them from crushing the remaining skulls in the venue.

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