Sunday, 9 October 2011

Beyond - Relentless Abomination Vortex

Belgium label Detest Records has been adding some impressive death metal revial bands to thier roster, from likes of Stench of Decay, Swallowed and Miasmal. Beyond  is not different. Changing their name from Shapeless after two demos, German horde Beyond offers three grimy tracks in the vein of that Scandinavian death metal tradition.

The guitars pack a fuzzy punch, vocals are violently bellowed and though the drumming is slightly lacking it still manages to hold everything together. The production is raw giving the music a malicious edge. Aswell Beyond show some of  their musicianship skills by weaving some mid-paced sections amongst their violent assaultThrash elements also churn through Relentless Abomination Vortex, the opening riff on Pointless Prayers reminder of Nifelheim venomous blackened thrash assault. While hints of Celtic Frost are also noticeable, especially at the end of Appearance From Beyond, with the Tom. G. Warrior-esque “OOOOHHH” which is then followed by pummeling Celtic Frost sounding rhythms. Regardless Beyond wears their death metal influences on their sleeve for the most part of the demo. Though not at the same level of some of their Detest Records peers, Relentless Abomination Vortex is a very good indictor of what we can expect from this German horde in the future.


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