Monday, 24 October 2011

Cianide – Gods of Death

Twenty years on since Cianide’s sinister debut The Dying Truth, and not once have these Chicago crushers compromise their brand of primitive death doom for any trends. Ironically calling their 5th full length Gods of Death, Cianide prove why they are still leaders of the underground.

Seven years on   after their last full length Hell Rebirth  this formidable trio have not lost any Vitriol at all. With that signature crushing tone Gods of death is sledgehammer to the skull Constructed with bruising straightforward riffs and earth quaking Celtic Frost rhythm. From the infectious power chord pulling in Forsaken Doom  or the hurtling of Idolator and Rising Of The Beast that charge  forward like stampede of flea infested rhino, the sheer simples ness and heaviness will have most salivating. Expected there is bit of doom and gloom. The Dead and Rotting trudges along bulldozing anything that gets caught in its path, slowly picking up the pace before erupting into absolute monstrous riff, making the six minute wait well worth it. The longest song The One True Death unfortunately is rather monotonous, unlike its doom counter part it does not build up to anything and plods around for far too long. Being left to the end of Gods of Death leaves the album on a bit of disappointing note. But since all the songs are stellar make this complaint a minor affair.

Gods of Death is no landmark in death metal, but indisputably to Cianides consistency for over the last twenty years and having stood the test of time. So don’t expect anything innovative from this death dealing trio other then their rotting formula of crushing death metal.


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