Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Blessed Offal - Blessed Offal

Creeping out of Boston, Massachusetts, Blessed Offal serves up their first mini album.    This thirty minute self-titled EP is manifested with relentless grinding, hallowing doom passages and a cold dense atmosphere. A slight Incantation vibe flows from Blessed Offal; but it is far from mindless worshiping currently occurring. In fact Blessed Offal roots dwell in more traditional sounding death, doom and grind.

What sets Blessed Offal apart from death metal masses is how they weave different styles of extremity in their sound. Moments of Entombed Clandestine era groove and Brutal Truth bludgeoning courses through Blessed Offal veins at battering moments, which often slow down into to doom segments. These doom sections is really where the Blessed Offal impresses for the atmosphere become more compelling, shifting to a mid-paced wander of wet sloppiness reminiscent Mental Funeral and Severed Survival era Autopsy. And often enough the band slows down to the crushing crawl of DiSEMBOWELMENT.  This deadly combination of blasting death grind and harrowing doom keeps you on your toes.

Blessed offal also shows their skills with Seasons in Sepulchral Depths and A Means to an End both surpassing the eight minute mark. These two songs being lengthy never feel dull or dragged on, and contain some of the most powerful moments on the EP, especially the doom ending to A Means to an End. My only detract with Blessed Offal is it sounds is a bit clean. I would have preferred a more abrasive sound to go with the dark atmosphere. Regardless this is a solid first step for Blessed Offal and this EP should have you enthralled for a decent amount of time.


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