Sunday, 4 December 2011

Graveyard - Hisingen Blues

It appears these Swedes have really picked up the game on their latest effort Hisingen Blues. Vastly improving on there 2008 self-titled that sounded a bit safe for its own good. Graveyard have splashed more paints on their canvas, streaking it with a improved and more natural approach.

The musicianship on this album has improved greatly.  Never being forced or contrived as their previous effort all the songs flow  naturally. The opening track Ain’t Fit to Live Here rockets forward  with a searing riff that will remind  of classic  Led Zepplin and Deep Purple. Then followed by the chilled out No Good, Mr Holden, with its bluesy licks and blissfully loose soloing.  Running down the spine of Hisingen Blues hints of The Jimmi Hendrix Experience and traces of Black Sabbath can be heard in thier 70's wordhipping sound. And finally mention should go out to the massive closing track The Siren (where vocalist Joakim Nilsson  sounds like man possessed), which can be described as locomotive carrying TNT slowly picking up pace, losing control, derailing and exploding in a blaze of glory.

Not only big a big improvement on thier previous full length, Hisingen Blues also gives a big middle finger to all the naysayer of "rock is dead". If your into psychedelic, stoner or that 70s rock sound Hisingen Blues should definitely be checked out.


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