Sunday, 18 December 2011

Heresiarch – Hammer of Intransigence

If audible chaos is what you’re after, Hammer of Intransigence will definitely satisfy that primordial hunger. Hailing from New Zealand, Heresiarch spews fourth a raw mix of violent blackened death metal, just as their barbaric countrymen Diocletian, Vassafor and Witchrist.  Actually in fact there are two member of Diocletian present in Heresiarch so with that knowledge you should only expect an absolute pulverizing experience. And that Hammer of Intransigence delivers.

The music is apocalyptic. From the howling shrieks and torturous sneers, to the bombarding artillery strike drumming and the furious riffing, creates are barrage of chaos which fits perfectly with the intensity of the style. But just like many other bestial grinding acts Heresiarch become repetitive sounding. Providentially by weaving some doom section like at the end of Carnivore keeps you enthralled. These almost ritualistic doom sections offer relief to the restless frenzy and try evoking an atmosphere of dread. Sporadic solos like in Thunorad keep you griped also.

The ambiance on this album is very fitting to the chaotic vibe. Abominations the opening song uses the sounds of war sirens, marching and twisting steel to paint images of a hellish wasteland where war rules supreme; while at the end of Conflagration the distant haunting echo of chanting monks is heard. By demonstrating a solid understanding of the blacked death blue-print merely on their second release, they’re no doubts Heresiarch will continue expanding on their already deadly aptitude.


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