Thursday, 8 December 2011

Vastum - Carnal Law

Vastum is a young band hailing from San Francisco. Carnal Law being their first release combines old schools sounds of Autopsy, Bolthrower and Asphyx, offering  mid paced sounding death metal with hints of doom. Usually certain ugliness is associated with that tank treading sound, from pounding riffs or devouring atmosphere.  Lacking in these crushng attributes makes Carnal Law  equally thrilling as a ride on a merry-go-round.

Hitting thier stride early on the twisted galloping of Re-member , Carnal Law never continues with that consistencey and remains collapsed in mediocrity. 
Everything  just simply feels generic , occasionally engaging riffs and meaty doom sections creep in but it is simply not enough to retain ones attention.  Being lackluster Carnal Law in not completely soulless. L.B’s vocals which are a standard affair still give a slight push with his decent range of bellowing growls and raspy screams. And while the leads are not amazing they  are still enjoyable, but to sit through a song just to hear a moment  of sharp soloing is  tedious.

Giving Carnal Law a score of 5 may be bit harsh but it just sounded so  uninspired. Considering there are much better modern bands like Cauldron Black Ram and Hooded Menace coming from the same pool of influence, simply makes Vastum not a very tempting listen. 


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